The Wild Parrot - Blackjack Series 2023 - 3 x 70cl - including boxes

Item number: 1096

The Wild Parrot Blackjack Series 2023 3 x 70cl including boxes

Celebrate a decade of exceptional spirits with Hidden Spirits' 10th Anniversary Collection. This exclusive release brings together three remarkable single cask rums, each with its own distinct character and heritage, bottled in 2023 to mark this special occasion.

1. Sherry Cask Rum from Fiji - Distilled in 2009 - 55.2%

Experience the tropical allure of Fiji with this Sherry Cask Rum, distilled in 2009 and bottled at a robust 55.2% alcohol by volume. Aged to perfection, this rum marries the South Pacific's charm with the sophistication of European oak. With hints of ripe tropical fruits, vanilla, and a subtle touch of sherry, it's a journey to the heart of Fiji in every sip.

2. Single Cask Jamaica Long Pond 2005 - 64.2%

Journey to Jamaica's Long Pond Distillery with this exceptional single cask release from 2005, bottled at 64.2% ABV. The bold character of this rum is a testament to Jamaica's rum-making prowess. With deep flavors of tropical fruits, molasses, and a hint of spice, it's a vibrant expression of the Caribbean's rich heritage.

3. Single Cask Jamaica Hampden 2013 - 67.9%

Explore the renowned Hampden Estate in Jamaica with this single cask masterpiece from 2013, bottled at a potent 67.9% ABV. Distilled at Trelawny Parish, it captures the spirit of Jamaica with an explosion of flavors. From ripe pineapple to rich toffee and a bold burst of spices, it's a symphony of taste that celebrates Jamaica's rum-making tradition.

Collector's Treasures

Hidden Spirits' 10th Anniversary Collection is a collector's dream. These limited-edition releases are a testament to the artistry and diversity of rum production across the globe. Whether you're an avid collector or a rum enthusiast seeking the extraordinary, this collection offers a unique opportunity to elevate your spirits collection.

In Conclusion

Hidden Spirits' 10th Anniversary Collection is more than just a selection of rums; it's a celebration of a decade of dedication to exceptional spirits. With each bottle, you embark on a journey through the world of rum, from the tropical shores of Fiji to the vibrant heritage of Jamaica. Raise your glass and toast to a decade of excellence with this remarkable collection.