The Nectar - Daily Drams Collection - 4 x 70cl

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The Nectar of the Daily Drams Collection 4 x 70cl

Barbados 2012 11Y 65.6° Foursquare Distillery 

Nose: Wood, chocolate and vanilla, with abundant notes of praline and coffee cream.

Taste: The fruit, which is not very pronounced on the nose, shows itself much more here, in addition to sweet notes of rum raisins and flambéed green banana.

Finish: Powerful on roasted coffee aromas, heady and bountiful with Madagascar vanilla and tonka bean.

Jamaica MLC 59° Clarendon Distillery 

Nose: Green pineapple and some candied tropical fruits such as papaya and mango. Dissolvant and fresh ginger.

Taste: Frank, spicy start of ginger (true to the nose) but with a peppery edge.

Finish: Nice complexity, with a return to pineapple and nice bitters from grapefruit zest.

Guyana EHP 2002 21Y 50.1° Diamond Distillery Enmore 

Nose: Raisins, cinnamon, caramelized peanuts and pistachios, chocolate and candied fruit, but also a fine note of asphalt and tar and a mineral side.

Taste: Lively and fresh, very clean and straightforward with an almost vinous impression.

Finish: Elegant, with flambéed banana and currants sprinkled with nutmeg.

Ghana ARC 2020 3Y 57° Mim Distillery 

Nose: Salted butter (Mhoba style), vanilla, dry burnt oak.

Taste: Woody with chocolate and pepper. Dried flowers with some tannins.

Finish: Long and juicy with mango and dried banana, a nice surprise!