Uitvlugt - Nobilis Rum - 1989 b.2022 33Y - With Box 49.1% 70cl

Item number: 1084

Uitvlugt 1989 33y Pot Still Port Mourant PM Nobilis Rum 49,1%

This exceptional rum, Uitvlugt 1989, is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of rum production. Aged for a remarkable 33 years, it hails from the Uitvlugt Distillery, known for its Pot Still distillation technique and the revered Port Mourant PM still.

With a robust alcohol content of 49.1%, this Nobilis Rum is a true connoisseur's delight, offering a rich and complex flavor profile. The extended aging process has allowed this spirit to develop an exquisite depth of character.

On the nose, Uitvlugt 1989 welcomes you with a symphony of aromas, including notes of oak, toffee, and dried fruits. As you take your first sip, your palate is greeted by a harmonious blend of dark chocolate, molasses, and a hint of tropical fruit sweetness. The finish is long-lasting, leaving you with a warm, satisfying embrace of oak and spice.

This limited-edition rum is a rare gem that captures the essence of time, tradition, and expertise in every drop. Uitvlugt 1989 33 Years Old is a true masterpiece for those seeking a refined and indulgent rum experience.