Hampden - OWH Pure Single Jamaican Rum - 2012 b.2020 8Y - With Box 46% 70cl

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Hampden OWH Pure Single Jamaican Rum 2012 b.2020 8Y With Box 46% 

Indulge in the vibrant spirit of Jamaica with Hampden's OWH Pure Single Jamaican Rum, distilled in 2012 and bottled in 2020 at 8 years old, boasting a respectable 46% alcohol by volume.

A Taste of Jamaica

Hampden Estate, known for its rich history and exceptional rums, has created a masterpiece in the form of OWH. This rum captures the essence of Jamaica with its distinct flavor profile.

Aged to Perfection

This 8-year-old gem has matured in oak barrels, allowing the flavors to evolve and harmonize, making it a delightful representation of pure Jamaican rum.

Flavors of the Tropics

Upon opening the bottle, you're welcomed by a tropical symphony of aromas. The nose reveals fruity notes of banana, pineapple, and a hint of sugarcane sweetness, invoking the Jamaican sunshine.

A Palate Full of Character

Taking your first sip, you'll experience the complexity that Jamaican rums are celebrated for. The palate showcases flavors of ripe tropical fruits, warm spices, and a subtle oak influence. It's a true journey through the flavors of Jamaica.

A Memorable Finish

The finish is both satisfying and smooth, leaving you with a lingering warmth that invites you to savor the island's charm.

A Rum Enthusiast's Delight

For rum enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of Jamaica, Hampden's OWH Pure Single Jamaican Rum is a must-try. Its approachable 46% ABV and exceptional quality make it an accessible and delightful choice.

In Conclusion

Hampden - OWH Pure Single Jamaican Rum 2012 offers a genuine taste of Jamaica in every sip. It's not just a rum; it's an invitation to experience the island's tropical paradise and the rich heritage of Hampden Estate. With each taste, you'll be transported to the heart of Jamaica, where the spirit of the island comes alive in this exceptional rum.