Concepcion - Gran Reserve Nicaragua - Vintage 1990 - 40% 70cl

Item number: 1115

Concepcion Gran Reserve Nicaragua Vintage 1990 40% 70cl

Indulge in the rich history and flavor profile of Nicaragua with the Concepcion Gran Reserve Vintage 1990. Crafted with precision and care, this rum embodies the essence of a bygone era, offering a taste of nostalgia and sophistication in every drop.

Age & Distillation: This exceptional vintage rum was distilled back in 1990, then patiently aged for years in wooden barrels. The result is a smooth, well-balanced spirit that has matured to perfection over three decades, capturing the very essence of Nicaragua's heritage.

Aroma: Upon opening the bottle, you'll be greeted by a symphony of enticing aromas. Rich, sweet notes of caramel and toffee mingle with hints of oak, offering a preview of the complex flavors that await.

Taste: The first sip is a journey through time and taste. The Concepcion Gran Reserve Vintage 1990 caresses your palate with a gentle warmth, delivering a harmonious blend of flavors. You'll savor the sweetness of honey and dried fruits, balanced by the subtle influence of oak from the aging process.

Finish: The finish is long and graceful, leaving a velvety smoothness on the tongue that invites you to savor each moment. At 40% alcohol by volume, it offers a refined and elegant experience without overwhelming your senses.

Presentation: This exquisite rum comes in a beautifully designed bottle that reflects the heritage and tradition of Nicaragua. The label proudly displays the vintage year, reminding you of the history contained within. The bottle's classic silhouette exudes a timeless elegance that will grace any collection or occasion.

Ideal Occasions: Concepcion Gran Reserve Nicaragua Vintage 1990 is the perfect choice for those special moments when you want to elevate your drinking experience. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, sharing a drink with friends, or simply looking to unwind in style, this rum embodies sophistication and nostalgia.

Collector's Item: As a vintage release from 1990, this rum is a true collector's item. With its limited availability, owning a bottle of Concepcion Gran Reserve Vintage 1990 is like possessing a piece of Nicaragua's liquid history.

Experience the allure of Nicaragua's past with Concepcion Gran Reserve Nicaragua Vintage 1990 at 40% ABV. Indulge in the nostalgia, elegance, and timeless taste of this remarkable rum. Secure your bottle today and relish the sophistication of a bygone era with every sip. Cheers to the extraordinary!