Cerro Negro - Volcano Collection - Vintage 1989 - 42% 70cl

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Cerro Negro Volcano Collection Vintage 1989 42% 70cl

Embark on a thrilling journey of taste with the Cerro Negro Volcano Collection Vintage 1989. This extraordinary rum is a tribute to the untamed spirit of Nicaragua's Cerro Negro volcano and the year 1989 when this masterpiece was born. Crafted with precision and aged to perfection, it encapsulates the essence of adventure and discovery in every sip.

Age & Distillation: This exceptional vintage rum was meticulously distilled in 1989 and then nurtured over the years in carefully selected oak barrels. The result is a beautifully aged spirit that has absorbed the character of the barrels and Nicaragua's unique terroir.

Aroma: Upon opening the bottle, you'll be transported to the volcanic heart of Nicaragua. Rich, inviting aromas of toasted oak, vanilla, and honey greet your senses, promising an unforgettable voyage through flavor.

Taste: The first sip is an eruption of taste, a celebration of the elements. Cerro Negro Volcano Collection Vintage 1989 delivers a complex flavor profile that dances on your palate. You'll savor the sweetness of caramel and tropical fruits, intertwined with the deep, earthy notes of oak and a subtle smokiness reminiscent of volcanic soil.

Finish: The finish is as captivating as the journey itself, leaving you with a warm, lingering embrace that beckons you to explore further. At 42% alcohol by volume, it offers a balanced, well-rounded finish that lingers in your memory long after the glass is empty.

Presentation: This exquisite rum is housed in a bottle that pays homage to the Cerro Negro volcano. The label features a depiction of this iconic landmark, reminding you of the spirit of adventure and exploration. The bottle's sleek design exudes a sense of elegance and discovery, making it a perfect centerpiece for any collection.

Ideal Occasions: Cerro Negro Volcano Collection Vintage 1989 is the perfect companion for those seeking to embark on a sensory journey. Whether you're celebrating life's milestones, sharing stories with friends, or simply savoring a moment of solitude, this rum encapsulates the thrill of discovery and the allure of the unknown.

Collector's Gem: As a vintage release from 1989, this rum is a true collector's gem. With limited availability, owning a bottle of Cerro Negro Volcano Collection Vintage 1989 is like possessing a piece of Nicaragua's adventurous spirit.

Experience the thrill of exploration with Cerro Negro Volcano Collection Vintage 1989 at 42% ABV. Secure your bottle today and relish the excitement of a remarkable expedition with every sip.