Enmore - The Whisky Jury - The Many Faces of Rum - 1990 b.2023 32Y - 50.9% 70cl

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Enmore The Whisky Jury 'The Many Faces of Rum' 1990 b.2023 32Y 50.9% 70cl

Experience the extraordinary journey of time and craftsmanship with Enmore The Whisky Jury 'The Many Faces of Rum' 1990. Distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2023, this exquisite rum presents an unparalleled opportunity to explore the essence of Guyanese rum-making.

A Celebration of Guyanese Heritage

Enmore Distillery, renowned for its iconic wooden pot still, has long been a symbol of Guyana's rich rum heritage. This release showcases the enchanting character that only a pot still aged for over three decades can deliver.

Unveiling the Flavor

The Whisky Jury's commitment to selecting the finest casks is vividly exemplified in 'The Many Faces of Rum' 1990. With an extended maturation of 32 years, this rum unfolds a tapestry of flavors on the palate. You'll encounter notes of dried fruits, toffee, vanilla, and oak, all perfectly balanced in a symphony of taste.

A Sip of History

At 50.9% ABV, this aged gem is perfectly suited for sipping, allowing you to savor the depth and complexity of its profile. It's a journey through time, preserving the finest aspects of Guyanese rum-making traditions.

The Whisky Jury's Expertise

The Whisky Jury is renowned for its exceptional cask selections, and 'The Many Faces of Rum' 1990 is a testament to their expertise. Each release from The Whisky Jury is a unique opportunity to explore the world of fine spirits through the lens of a distinguished curator.

An Exclusive Collectible

This bottling is more than just a rum; it's a collectible work of art. The label and packaging reflect the reverence for the craft of the distiller, making it a treasured addition to any rum enthusiast's collection.

Limited Availability

As is common with exceptional aged rums, 'The Many Faces of Rum' 1990 is available in limited quantities. Each bottle is individually numbered, emphasizing its exclusivity. Enmore The Whisky Jury 'The Many Faces of Rum' 1990 invites you to experience the history and complexity of Guyanese rum in every refined sip.

Celebrate the legacy and depth of Guyanese rum with this remarkable release from Enmore Distillery. Raise your glass to 'The Many Faces of Rum' 1990, a masterpiece of time and flavor. Cheers to the rich heritage of Guyana!