Plantation - Guyana 2008 b.2023 15Y - With Box 54.1% 70cl

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Plantation Guyana 2008 b.2023 15Y With Box 54.1% 70cl

Originating from the esteemed Diamond Distillery in Guyana and distilled from molasses, this distinctive creation embarked on a unique aging journey, spending 2 years in tropical Bourbon casks followed by an impressive 13-year maturation in Ferrand casks. Noteworthy features include volatile compounds at 125 g/hL AA and esters at 81 g/hL AA, contributing to its remarkable character.

This exceptional rum culminated its aging process in Cognac Finish barrels, resulting in a refined spirit presented in a 70cl bottle with an alcohol content of 54.1%.

Plantation Guyana 2008 15-Year Single Cask, part of the Plantation Single Cask series, is meticulously bottled by Plantation, embodying the essence of a single cask bottling. But what makes a single cask unique? This signifies that the rum in each bottle originates solely from one barrel, without blending other rums from different barrels. As the content solely comes from one barrel, the number of bottles available is contingent upon the barrel's size and the evaporation process (the Angel's Share). Hence, the bottles are limited, often numbered, making each Plantation single cask a distinctive and unique specimen.

We've crafted a flavor profile for this Plantation rum, providing a guide to discern and articulate personal preferences, enabling the discovery of new and nuanced flavors.

Hints of wood, spice, and fruit grace the palate, contributing significantly to the rum's taste, profile, and character without overpowering. Subtle floral and sweet undertones add complexity and depth, elevating the drinking experience without steering it toward a singular taste direction.

Reflecting on this profile, it's apparent that this rum boasts a balanced and nuanced character, offering a sophisticated blend of flavors and an exploration of depth. Indulge in the distinctive allure of Plantation Guyana 2008 - 15 Years, a testament to the artistry and diversity within the realm of single cask rums by Plantation.