Plantation - Haiti 2010 b.2023 13Y - With Box 40.1% 70cl

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Plantation Haiti 2010 b.2023 13Y With Box 40.1% 70cl

Hailing from the Jeanty distillery in Haiti, this exceptional rum, crafted from sugarcane juice, embarked on a distinctive aging process. Initially aged for 5 years in Bourbon barrels in a tropical setting, it continued its maturation journey for an additional 8 years in Ferrand casks. Noteworthy for its impressive characteristics, boasting 730 g/hL AA of volatile compounds and 255 g/hL AA of esters, this rum unveils an exceptional aromatic complexity. With an alcohol content of 40.1% Vol., it offers a gentle and nuanced tasting experience.

Our offering can sometimes feel overwhelming, but rest assured, the Plantation Haiti 2010 13-Year Single Cask has long been a part of our rum collection, proving immensely popular among our customers. So, choosing this rum is indeed a choice well made!

This rum completed its aging in Cognac Finish barrels, presented in a 70cl bottle with an alcohol percentage of 40.1%.

Plantation Haiti 2010 13-Year Single Cask is meticulously bottled by Plantation and is part of the esteemed Plantation Single Cask series, exemplifying the essence of a single cask bottling. But what sets a single cask apart? It signifies that the rum in each bottle originates solely from one barrel, not blended with other rums from different barrels. As it originates from a single vat, the number of bottles available depends on the barrel's size and the evaporation process (the Angel's Share). Thus, the bottles are limited, often numbered, making each Plantation single cask a distinctive and exclusive offering.

We've curated a flavor profile for this Plantation rum, serving as a guide to help uncover and articulate individual preferences, enabling the exploration of new taste sensations.

Notes of spice and fruit delicately influence the palate, contributing significantly to the rum's taste, profile, and character without overwhelming. Subtle floral, woody, and sweet undertones add depth and complexity, enriching the drinking experience without steering it in a singular taste direction.

Reflecting on this profile, it's evident that this rum embodies a harmonious and nuanced character, offering an exploration of nuanced flavors and depth. Indulge in the refined allure of Plantation Haiti 2010 - 15 Years, a testament to the craftsmanship and diversity within the world of single cask rums by Plantation.