T.D.L - The Colours of Rum No. 5 Cask #107 - 2009 b.2023 13Y - With Box + Coaster 62.8% 70cl

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T.D.L The Colours of Rum No. 5 Cask #107 2009 b.2023 13Y With Box + Coaster 62.8% 70cl

Step into the legacy of Trinidad's iconic rum distillery with the unveiling of The Colours of Rum No. 5, a creation stemming from T.D.L., the sole rum distillery in Trinidad, famously recognized as Trinidad Distillers Ltd. This distillery serves as the backbone of the esteemed Angostura rum brand, embodying a tradition steeped in excellence and heritage. Notably, T.D.L. stands tall among the Caribbean's major rum producers, boasting an impressive annual capacity of 8.5 million liters of pure alcohol (LPA), a substantial portion of which is distributed as bulk rum.

This exceptional expression, aged for 13 years, emerged from T.D.L.'s column stills and matured gracefully in ex-bourbon barrels. The meticulous aging process involved a decade in tropical conditions, nurturing the spirit's depth and character. Bottled in 2023, a scant 256 bottles were meticulously filled at a bold 62.8% ABV, encapsulating the essence of Trinidadian craftsmanship.

The culmination of this rare and limited release highlights the artistry and dedication embedded in every drop. With its exclusive production and meticulous aging, The Colours of Rum No. 5 stands as a testament to T.D.L.'s commitment to quality and tradition. Indulge in the exquisite flavors and nuances that define this exceptional rum, inviting enthusiasts to savor the essence of Trinidad's finest craftsmanship within every sip.