Worthy Park - Watt Rum JMWP 2008 b.2023 15Y - 55.1% 70cl

Item number: 1333

Worthy Park Watt Rum JMWP 2008 b.2023 15Y 55.1% 70cl

Embark on a distinctive rum journey with JMWP Watt Rum 2008, exclusively bottled for The Nectar in Belgium, crafted under a cask mark due to distillery name restrictions. The initials JM signify the rum's Jamaican origin, and the WP cleverly hints at its unmistakable source.

This exceptional rum, aged for a commendable 15 years, embodies the essence of high ester content, masterfully combining molasses, cane juice, and crushed cane stalks as its base. The distinctive character of this rum is attributed to its natural fermentation process, lasting 2 to 3 weeks, fueled by the natural yeast derived from the cane stalks, which imparts the sought-after funky flavors characteristic of this Jamaican style.

JMWP Watt Rum 2008 captures the spirit of tradition and craftsmanship, meticulously preserved and aged to perfection. The culmination of 15 years in the barrel reveals a symphony of flavors and aromas that speak volumes about its rich heritage and the dedication poured into its creation.

Indulge in the distinctively funky flavors and nuances encapsulated within each sip of this exclusive bottling, a testament to The Nectar's commitment to presenting exceptional and unique rums. Experience the essence of Jamaican rum-making tradition woven into the fabric of JMWP Watt Rum 2008 - 15 Years, an embodiment of authenticity and craftsmanship.