Mean Louie's Rum 3Y to 5Y Blended - 42% 50cl

Item number: 337

Mean Louie's Rum 3Y to 5Y Blended 42% 50cl

Origin: Jamaica - Barbados - Trinidad - Dominican Rep.

Ageing: 3 - 5Y, Ex Bourbon Cask 200L

Distillation: POT STILL (Jamaica) & Column Still

Raw Material: Molasses (Jamaica) & Cane Juice

Meet Mean Louie's Rum, a 3 to 5-year blend at 42%. Is Mean Louie truly as mean as his moniker suggests? Not at all. He's a rebel with a cause: shunning the norm of tinkering with good rum. He's all about forging an exquisitely refined rum using only the purest, top-tier ingredients no additives, no nonsense.

Thank the 'spirits' for this exceptionally smooth creation from the renegade blender, boasting the spirit of an outlaw and the palate of a connoisseur.

This premium fusion of four Caribbean rums, each aged from 3 to 5 years, unveils an elegant, unadulterated essence void of added caramel or artificial hues.

Delve into a flavor journey where hints of ripe exotic fruits entwine seamlessly with delicate floral bouquets, featuring notes reminiscent of honey, jasmine, and vanilla.

Mean Louie's Rum isn't just a spirit; it's a versatile gem, equally perfect as a digestif or as the cornerstone for crafting tantalizing rum cocktails.