Hampden - Estate 8 Marks Collection Edition 2023 - With Box 8 x 20cl

Item number: 1340

Hampden Estate 8 Marks Collection Edition 2023 8 x 20cl With Box

The Hampden Estate 8 Marks Collection, comprising 8x20cl bottles, reflects the rich tradition of Jamaican distilleries. Hampden Estate has crafted a diverse range of distillates, each boasting unique characteristics, from light and fruity to intensely flavorful and funky rums.

This collection promises an unparalleled journey into the heart of the distillery for rum enthusiasts eager to explore.

Hampden Estate's extensive rum portfolio showcases its diversity through various marks, each representing distinct styles, aromatic intensities, flavor profiles, body, and structure. These marks are the result of specific formulas governing raw materials, fermentation techniques, and distillation methods.

For the first time in its storied history, Hampden Estate unveils a limited edition gift box featuring its renowned 8 Marks, accompanied by a detailed flyer elucidating the identity of each rum in the set. This offering caters to the most discerning and inquisitive rum aficionados.

OWH: Outram Warmold Hussey: 40-80 gr/HLPA
LFCH: Lawrence Francis Close Hussey: 80-120 gr/HLPA
LROK: Light Rum Owen Kelly: 200-400 gr/HLPA
HLCF: Hampden Light Continental Flavoured: 400-600 gr/HLPA
<>H: Diamond H: 900-1000 gr/HLPA
HGML: Hampden George MacFarquhar Lawson: 1 000-1 100 gr/HLPA
C<>H: C Diamond H: 1300-1400 gr/HLPA
DOK: Dermot Owen Kelly-Lawson: 1500-1600 gr/HLPA