Bielle - Small Batch LMDW - 2001 b.2022 - With Box 45% 70cl

Item number: 1354

Bielle Small Batch LMDW 2001 b.2022 With Box 45% 70cl

Experience the essence of craftsmanship and legacy with the Bielle Small Batch LMDW 2001 b.2022, a limited-edition rum that encapsulates 14 years of meticulous aging and unparalleled expertise from the esteemed Bielle Distillery.

Heritage and Distillery Excellence: Hailing from the renowned Bielle Distillery in Guadeloupe, this small-batch release is a testament to the distillery's dedication to traditional rum-making techniques and its legacy spanning generations.

Vintage Selection: Crafted from a select batch distilled in 2001, this release embodies the essence of time, showcasing the intricacies and complexities that develop through 14 years of aging in oak barrels. Each bottle reflects the culmination of expertise and patience.

Aroma: Upon opening, a captivating aroma emerges, inviting with its complexity. Notes of ripe tropical fruits, including pineapple and mango, intertwine with hints of vanilla, oak, and a delicate floral bouquet, promising a sensorial journey.

Palate: The initial sip unveils a harmonious blend of flavors. A velvety texture coats the palate, revealing layers of complexity. Subtle nuances of caramelized sugar, oak spice, and a touch of nuttiness dance gracefully, complemented by the sweet embrace of dried fruits and a whisper of smokiness.

Finish: The finish is a lingering testament to the craftsmanship behind this exquisite rum. Lingering notes of oak, caramel, and a gentle warmth leave a satisfying and enduring impression, a testament to the aging process and blending mastery.

Craftsmanship and Expert Blending: The Bielle Small Batch LMDW 2001 b.2022 represents the pinnacle of Bielle's craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted by expert blenders, this expression showcases their dedication to quality, tradition, and innovation.

Exclusive Bottling: Released in limited quantities, this bottling represents exclusivity and sophistication. Each bottle is a testament to the rarity and uniqueness of this exceptional expression, making it a prized possession for rum enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Presentation: Encased in an elegant bottle that exudes sophistication and refinement, the Bielle Small Batch LMDW 2001 b.2022 is a visual testament to the craftsmanship and heritage it embodies. Its label reflects the distillery's history and the spirit's distinctive characteristics.

Indulge in the magnificence of the Bielle Small Batch LMDW 2001 b.2022 14Y 45%, a celebration of craftsmanship, heritage, and the artistry of exceptional rum-making.