Zafra Master Reserve 30Y - With Box 40% 70cl

Item number: 1386

Zafra Master Reserve 30Y 40% 70cl

Zafra Master Reserve 30Y is a pinnacle of rum craftsmanship, boasting three decades of meticulous aging to achieve unparalleled depth and complexity. Crafted by Zafra, renowned for their dedication to excellence, this exquisite rum represents the epitome of luxury and refinement.

Presented in a 70cl bottle with an alcohol by volume of 40%, Zafra Master Reserve 30Y showcases a deep mahogany hue that reflects its exceptional maturity. Each sip offers a sensory journey through time, with layers of flavor and aroma that captivate the palate.

Expect to be enveloped in a symphony of rich caramel, dark chocolate, and exotic spices, balanced by hints of oak and dried fruits. Velvety smooth and impeccably balanced, Zafra Master Reserve 30Y is a true masterpiece of rum-making.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the crowning jewel in refined cocktails, Zafra Master Reserve 30Y promises an unforgettable drinking experience that celebrates the art of aging and the heritage of rum-making. Indulge in the richness and complexity of this exceptional rum, and savor every moment of its luxurious refinement.