The Whisky Jury - The Duo Chapter 2 - 50.7% 50cl

Item number: 1466

The Whisky Jury The Duo Chapter 2 - 50.7% 50cl

Product Description:

Following the great reception of our first THE DUO, we proudly present THE DUO Chapter 2. Although this is a different recipe, we guarantee the same high quality you have come to expect from us. For THE DUO, we use only two different components, but together these two casks elevate each other's quality to create something truly unique.

Unique Composition:

  • Volume: 50cl
  • Alcohol By Volume: 50.7%

THE DUO Chapter 2 is meticulously crafted from a combination of one cask of over 6-year-old South American rum and a small cask of over 2-year-old Hampden HD (C<>H). We keep the exact origin of the South American rum a secret, as it took us a long time to find this magical formula. The result is an exceptional taste experience we are very pleased with.

Flavor Profile:

The use of two casks creates a complex and rich flavor that perfectly balances the distinctive characteristics of both components. The aging of the South American rum brings deep, warm notes, while the HD (C<>H) adds a unique layer of refinement. Together, they form a harmonious blend that will delight both the seasoned Rum connoisseur and the adventurous enthusiast.

Quality and Exclusivity:

At The Whisky Jury, we always strive for the highest level of quality and exclusivity. THE DUO Chapter 2 is no exception. Each bottle is carefully bottled to ensure you can enjoy a top-quality drink distinguished by its unique character and artisanal origin.


THE DUO Chapter 2 is a testament to our pursuit of perfection in every bottle. Whether you are a collector or simply looking for a new taste experience, this blend offers something special for everyone. Discover the magic of THE DUO and taste the result of our dedication and passion for exceptional Rums.