Diamond - Watt Rum - Guyana Mdb2m - 2011 b.2024 12Y - 57.1% 70cl

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Diamond Watt Rum Guyana Mdb2m 2011 b.2024 12Y 57.1% 

Diamond Watt Rum Guyana Mdb2m 2011 is not merely a bottle of rum; it is a celebration of the rich heritage and masterful craftsmanship of Guyana. Aged for 12 remarkable years, this potent spirit embodies the dedication and precision of the Diamond Distillery, delivering a rum that is both intensely flavorful and exceptionally refined.

Age & Distillation

Distilled in 2011 and bottled in 2024, Diamond Watt Rum Guyana Mdb2m 2011 has matured for 12 years, capturing the essence of time and the skill of the distillers. Produced in Guyana, it reflects the region's distinctive terroir and the rich traditions of rum-making, creating a spirit with profound depth and character.


Opening the bottle releases a wave of aromatic complexity. The air is infused with enticing notes of dark molasses, tropical fruits, rich cocoa, and a hint of exotic spices. These aromas invite you to explore the depths of this extraordinary rum, promising a sensory experience that is both bold and sophisticated.


The first sip is a revelation, presenting a powerful yet harmonious blend of flavors. Diamond Watt Rum Guyana Mdb2m 2011 envelops your palate with the sweetness of caramel, the robustness of aged oak, and a medley of spices, all perfectly balanced by a strong, full-bodied character. This complex flavor profile highlights the artistry of long-term aging and the distillery's commitment to producing exceptional rum.


The finish is long and warming, leaving a lingering impression that encourages thoughtful appreciation. At 57.1% ABV, it delivers a robust and well-balanced conclusion, allowing you to fully savor the depth and craftsmanship in each sip.

Collector's Pride

Diamond Watt Rum Guyana Mdb2m 2011 is more than just a bottle of rum; it is a collector's treasure and a testament to superior craftsmanship. With its 12 years of aging, owning a bottle signifies a deep appreciation for the finest in rum production and the rich heritage of Guyana.

Ideal Occasions

Diamond Watt Rum Guyana Mdb2m 2011 is the perfect choice for those seeking an exceptional drinking experience that stands out from the ordinary. Whether celebrating a special occasion, sharing moments with friends, or indulging in life's finer pleasures, this rum embodies sophistication, tradition, and the art of aging.

Experience the power and elegance of 12 years of aging with Diamond Watt Rum Guyana Mdb2m 2011 at 57.1% ABV. Secure your bottle today and elevate your tasting experience to new heights with every sip. Cheers to the extraordinary and to the timeless traditions of Guyana!